Trey has been helping people reach their personal fitness goals for over twelve years. He is certified as a personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise. Specializing in functional training, weight management, body sculpting and post-rehab; Trey has been featured in several television series including The Ultimate Goals and Reunion Story. Let Trey know your interests, and he’ll customize a plan to suit your needs and interests. Trey believes that personal fitness can go beyond mundane sets and reps in a gym. It can empower you to manifest your vision of a balanced and fit lifestyle. Your path to personal fitness is an investment you make in your future health and happiness.


Simone is an accomplished track and cross-country athlete. Making it to the 2004 USAT National Traithlon Championships, she still competes. She has been able to transfer her passion for fitness into helping others. Simone is certified in Personal Fitness with AFAA, and is a NBFE National Board of Fitness Examiners. She also specializes in Stott Pilates, Madd Dog Spinning, and Resist-A-Ball CORE. With fifteen years of experience in the Long Beach area, she has been able to motivate and help transform many clients with her knowledge and experience.

Charles Sobol

Greetings! My name is Charles "Chuck" Sobol. Thanks for visiting the Park East Fitness web site. Park East Fitness is a well-respected and well-equipped private training studio with a diversely talented group of independent trainers. I've been a certified training professional in Long Beach since 1992 and have been contracting at Park Estates Fitness for over five years. As an accomplished multi-sport athlete (basketball, golf and track/field) with over 35 years of resistance training experience, I fully understand HOW to program for physical accomplishment and have the PATIENCE to coach you towards your goals. With your PERSONALIZED training program, I'll collaborate with you to establish a solid nutritional foundation that is manageable for a lifetime and promotes the results you aim to achieve. If you truly want a body that feels, looks and performs to your capabilities, I'm just a call or e-message away from a FREE consultation which I promise will be a quality 20-30 minutes FOCUSED ON YOU AND YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS. I have studio access at all hours and my rates start at a very reasonable $40/lesson.


All personal training packages include Nutrition Planning, Movement Analysis and Fitness Assessment.
1 Full Hour Session $75

Jump Start Package

8 — Full-Hour Sessions for $560. $70/session.

Dedication Package

10 — Full-Hour Sessions for $650. $65/session. 

Commitment Package

20 — Full-Hour Sessions for $1200. $60/session.

On-The-Go Package

20 — Half-Hour Sessions for $650. $32.50/session.

*Excellent for targeted lunch time workouts.

*Effective for some beginners.

*Perfect for serious professionals on-the-go.

Email or call (562) 342-4334 to schedule a complimentary 30-minute fitness consultation.

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