Pedometers are a great way to track how much you walk each day. Many smartphones now offer this technology in their health apps.

A sedentary person averages just 1,000 to 3,000 steps in a 24-hour period. It goes without saying that getting active and moving is the first step towards fighting obesity and staring down the road to fitness.

There are countless books and programs on walking with the use of pedometers. The 10,000 Steps A Day is a great program to get people moving. One should start by wearing a pedometer for a week to find out how many steps they average. It is recommended that small incremental increases each week by about 500 steps/day will get one to the goal of 10,000 Steps...

Featured Body-Weight Exercise!

The Bear Crawl exercise is in intermediate exercise designed to challenge one's core. It requires no special equipment, and it can be done almost anywhere.


Start in a push-up position with the hands shoulder-width apart and the legs straight out directly behind the body about hip-width apart, keeping the knees bent. Push the toes of the left foot into the floor while squeezing the right thigh and glute. Move the left hand and the right leg forward to start crawling. Alternate the arm and leg movements while keeping the back straight and the hips and shoulders at the same height. Crawl for a desired distance.

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What a great day in the mountains!


Thanks to everyone who made it out to our wilderness hike!

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We've Chosen A Date For Our Day Hike!


We will be meeting at Park East Fitness at 6AM on October 13th. All the details are posted in the studio. Also, feel free to email Trey at:

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Group Hike!


We are looking at dates in October. Sign up board is located in the studio.

Your Weight Can Determine Your Life Expectancy

A recent study of over 2 million people showed that people with both high and low BMI readings can expect to shorten their lives by about 4 years.
BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation which generally estimates an appropriate weight for oneself based on one's height. It is used by medical and health professionals. A simple Google search for BMI Calculator can help find out your optimum range.
An appropriate eating strategy and exercise plan are key components to balanced health and wellness.
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Cardio Or Strength First?


People always ask which is better to do first when working out...cardio or strength? Some say that one way burns more fat, while the other optimizes muscle growth. There is no conclusive evidence to show that one way is better than the other.

That being said, starting your workout with light cardio for about five minutes is a good way to start. Moving on to strength/weights before finishing with the appropriate, full-length cardio routine will insure that you won't run out of gas.

Strength Training Enhances Mood


The many benefits of regular strength training are well known. Most people are aware that it will help you lose weight, build muscle, keep bones strong, and the list goes on.

Fewer people are aware of the positive, psychological effects strength training has on your well being. Studies published in the American Journal Of Lifestyle Medicine go on to show a positive effect in the following areas of well being:

  • Lowered Anxiety

  • Enhanced Brain Cognition

  • Lowered Levels Of Depression

  • Lowered Leveles Of Fatigue

  • Enhanced Self-Esteem

  • Improved Sleeping Patterns

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Regular Exercise Keeps Mind Sharp


A recent analysis of research at the University of Canberra shows that regular exercise keeps one's mind sharp for people after the age of 50. Regular exercise was shown to improve thinking and memory skills.

It is speculated that the positive effects are the result of increased levels of blood and oxygen to the brain that aid in the formation of new neurons and connections.

What kind of personal training studio is right for you?

There are things to consider when choosing the type of workout that fits your needs and preferences.  Our Long Beach personal training studio is fully equipped with high-quality FreeMotion equipment.  Our studio also includes lots of free-weights and small apparatus fitness equipment.  Our smith rack machine is rated for all types of strength training.  Let one of our personal trainers give you a tour of our accommodations.