Foam Rolling Techniques Aid Your Fitness Program

Foam rollers can be used for stretching tight muscles. This helps improve some musculoskeletal conditions, improves posture, and can help prevent injuries. This is especially true when you are involved in an advanced fitness plan on your own or with a personal trainer.

Here are some pointers to help:

1. Locate a tender spot you are working and keep the roller on this spot. Wait for the discomfort to diminish. This may take time, and it may be uncomfortable at first.

2. When this area becomes less sensitive, roll across the area to help the muscle relax.

3. Use foam roller as a warm-up prior to physical activity. It can also be used as a warm down after exercise.

4. Feel free to experiment with different angles and techniques to help loosen up tight areas of soft muscle tissue.

Foam rolling techniques can help round out a good fitness program. Feel free to contact one of our personal trainers in Long Beach, CA to learn how foam rolling might help you increase your ability to perform different activities free of limitations.