Lift Your Libido - Exercise and Sex


Studies show that losing excess weight can stimulate arousal in both men and women.

Cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow, contributing to overall stamina. It also promotes healthy erectile function in men. Strength training raises men's testosterone which leads to heightened arousal.

A 2008 study conducted at Florida Atlantic University found that physical activity was shown to prime a woman’s body for sexual activity by making her more sensitive to touch and increases the enjoyment of orgasms.

Looking to spice up your 2017? It starts at the gym!

What kind of personal training studio is right for you?

There are things to consider when choosing the type of workout that fits your needs and preferences.  Our Long Beach personal training studio is fully equipped with high-quality FreeMotion equipment.  Our studio also includes lots of free-weights and small apparatus fitness equipment.  Our smith rack machine is rated for all types of strength training.  Let one of our personal trainers give you a tour of our accommodations.