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Park East Fitness
5236 E Los Altos Plaza
Long Beach, CA 90815

Why Choose Park East Fitness as Your Personal Training Studio?

Our Long Beach fitness studio is a boutique, private fitness experience where you will get the customized and safe attention you are looking for from your personal trainer.  Our array of fitness equipment will suit all your needs for all fitness goals.  Many of our personal trainers have been helping their Long Beach clients reach their goals for over a decade.  Our Covid safety protocol is one of the most stringent in the area.  Contact us today to set up a visit and free fitness consultation with one of our many personal trainers.

What Kind of Personal Training Studio Is Right for You?

There are things to consider when choosing the type of workout that fits your needs and preferences.  Our Long Beach personal training studio is fully equipped with high-quality FreeMotion equipment.  Our studio also includes lots of free-weights and small apparatus fitness equipment.  Our smith rack machine is rated for all types of strength training.  Let one of our personal trainers give you a tour of our accommodations.